I’m sure like many other Long Island residents you have questions about raising your home and doing it right. Please take the time to read the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

What does it cost to raise a house?

House raising is not a simple thing to do.  The cost is determined by several factors including your existing structure construction and condition, how high and what type of foundation it will be placed on.  Decks, porches, garages and stairs are also factored in.  Please call DRG House Lift for a written estimate for your home.

Can a house on a slab be raised?

The answer is yes, but it is more costly than a house on an existing foundation.

How do you raise a house on to pilings if there is no room to move the house out of the way to drive them in?

In some instances helical piles will be needed in lieu of conventional wood pilings.  Helicals are metal pilings like a corkscrew which are spun into the ground.  Small sections are added as needed to get to the proper depth.  A new piece is simply attached to the top of the last piece as they are driven in.  This can be done under the house with the house temporarily raised.

Can I live in the house when it is being lifted?

No.  It is not advisable to be in your home during this process.

How long does it take to raise a house?

House raising generally takes from one week to up to several depending on the foundation types.  We can give an estimate on time frame once we have had the chance to see your home.

Will the house be damaged by house raising?

In most cases nothing will be damaged at all.  Some instances there may be a few drywall cracks or tile, but it is rare.

Does DRG House provide a turnkey solution to your house raising or just the lift?

DRG House Lift will provide all engineering and architectural drawings needed and submit to town for permit approvals.  We take the project from start to finish.  Complete.  Not just the lifting like some companies.

Will I receive a written estimate for my house raising?

Absolutely.  Call 855-544-LIFT today for a free estimate.



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